60 Days of Prayer


New Covenant Church is now requiring facial coverings and social distancing mandates be adhered to while in the church building.

Prayer Guide

Making the most out of our prayer effort:

  • Let’s focus over those 60 days of prayer with intense prevailing intercessory prayer Monday thru Friday. We do so to preserve our intensity in prayer for such a long period.
  • We encourage periodic fasting during these 60 days of prayer.
  • We will be meeting each Friday at 6am and 8am for corporate prayer at the church. Please join us for the time that best fits your schedule. (This includes a short period of worship, a short devotional by one of our pastors, a short prayer time together, and then we breakout into our individual prayer time. Our gatherings have been with 10 people or less.)

Prayer Guide: Monday

Prayer emphasis: Edify God

Worship Celebration (Media Team, Praise Team, Hospitality Team, Usher Team, Message, Church family, Children’s Church, Prayer Room ministry, van ministry and support team)

Other churches in Waverly and Pike County

Our Community

Please pray…

  • That God would send a spirit of Revival to all the churches.
  • That God would release those who are held prisoner by destructive addictions.
  • That God would open the hearts of people to the Gospel.
  • That God would manifest HIS presence in our services and our ministries throughout the week.
  • That the eyes of people will be opened to the Lord.
  • That we will see our worship service as the Father’s event that HE invites us into. What is served up are goods from HIS household which are supernatural and not natural.
  • That God will enable us to experience revitalization as a church.
  • That God will work in and bring healing to the families who have experienced loss or are in crisis.

Prayer Guide: Tuesday

Prayer Emphasis: Edify one another

Please pray…

  • That our small groups will experience Biblical Community as the early church.
  • That God will work in and bring healing to the families who have experienced loss or are in crisis.
  • Pray that individuals will experience the transforming power of Christ through the ministries of New Covenant.
  • Pray that our nursery ministry, children’s church ministry, and youth ministry will win and disciple the young people of our community. More people come to Christ between the ages of 15 months and 13 years of age than any other age.
  • Pray that New Covenant will be affective in making disciples.

Prayer Guide: Wednesday

Prayer Emphasis: Engage others

Please pray…

  • That the 23,000 Pike County residents that do not go to church will be reached with the Gospel.
  • Pray the prayer of Jesus: “So pray to the Lord who is in charge of the harvest; ask him to send more workers into his fields.” Matt. 9:38
  • That God would give us a vision of the harvest. May we see their emptiness and blindness. May our hearts be moved by their unmet needs, their fear, and their hopelessness.
  • May God give us a vision of Hell: Hell is real and is enlarging itself every day. Help us to be gripped by the many that are not prepared for eternity. We pray that people will see God as HE really is.
  • May God give us a vision of HEAVEN: Let us see the weight of glory to be revealed as it compares to our light affliction.
  • May we develop and pray every day for a list of unbelievers. (Let God lay on your heart the names of people HE would have you to pray for.)
  • May you give us a heart to bless in some way those we are praying for. (“May we do what we can do, and not worry about what we can’t do. Don’t allow what we can’t do to keep us from doing what we can do.” Lonnie Potts)

Prayer Guide Day: Thursday

Prayer Emphasis: Spiritual warfare

Please pray…

  • That we understand the true nature of our battle (warfare) and our weapons. Read Ephesians 6:12-18 / II Cor. 10:5 (you can use the verses as your prayer)
  • That we pray for great victories in the prayer arena before we see victories in our lives. What are 5 areas in your life that you need to see victory?

(Literally list them) 1. 2.3.4. 5.

  • That every scheme of Satan intended or under way in life of every New Covenant believer will be defeated.
  • That every plan that God has intended for a New Covenant believer would succeed along the lines of God’s Will.
  • That every negative and difficult circumstance will be turned for the good of those who love God.
  • That New Covenant will see an amazing outpouring of the Spirit of God.

Prayer guide Day: Friday

Prayer Emphasis: Pray for Leaders/Ministries:

Pray …

  • For our pastors. (Doug, Melody, Ben, Greg, Madison, and Lonnie as our consultant during our revitalization, and their families)
  • For our board members. (Bryan, Christy, Donna, Bret, Billy, Greg Barch, Charley, Jason, Elaine, Joy, Janice, Vonnie and their families.)
  • For our members and church family.
  • For our individual needs and needs with in our church. (Refer to Prayer Room Sheet which is attached)
  • For our Sunday school teachers, nursery leaders (Lisa and Tim Boyd) and workers, women’s ministry teacher (Melody), youth group and small groups. May the Word of God be taught in power and influence.
  • For our van ministry, J216 ministry, nursing home ministry, congregational care ministry.